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Hands balancer ”Waves” 192

Neuro-trainer “Waves” – author’s model of medium complexity. Who is it for: The toy is especially effective when working with calm, slow children. Exercises with a hand balancer help them to activate the brain and speed up sensory, motor and visual processes. What influences: Does the child have to learn something new? Balancer game is a quick charge for the mind, which will facilitate the perception of new information. Regular use of the simulator helps to increase reading speed and quality. The fact is that the passage of the maze teaches to focus the gaze and expands the visual field. Thus, attention is increased while reading: children do not miss letters and words, do not jump from one line to another. The toy was created with the participation of child psychologists. Experts recommend spending 5 minutes a day to achieve noticeable results.

You can paint
For children from 3 years, Low difficulty, Waves
Suitable for adults
Price: 900 ₴

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