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Hands balancer “Vertical tracks” 191

Great option for the first acquaintance with neuro-trainers. Who is it suitable for: The model is often used in practice of development centers for the little ones. Effects: Playing with a balancer has a beneficial effect on the brain through the body. Due to the training of fine motor skills, interhemispheric connections develops and, as a result, intellectual abilities increase. The child’s language, memory, logical thinking is improving. A simple scheme of the maze helps children in the game form learn to navigate in space and remember the concepts of “right-left”, “above-below”, “forward-backward”. We created a toy with the participation of child psychologists. According to them, even five-minute daily classes with a children’s balancer promote the development coordination of movements, visual memory, concentration and perseverance.

You can paint
For children from 5 years it is possible and less
High complexity of the maze. Suitable for adults
Price: 900 ₴

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