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Hands balancer “Spiral” 189

Simple and clear neuro-trainer for children and adults. The model is perfect for beginners due to the simple maze pattern. Who is it suitable for: “Spiral” hand balancer is an excellent helper in the development of fine motor skills and coordination in children from 3 years old. Circle arm balancer is often used for rehabilitation purposes. The neuro toy helps children with developmental disabilities and adults who need to restore brain function after injury. What affects: Working with fine motor skills in childhood requires active formation of cognitive processes: language, memory, thinking, imagination. According to child psychologists, regular use of the toy increases concentration and perseverance. Important: we get all these effects through interesting play activities, without forcing the baby to boring activities.

Coloring surface
For kids from 3 years, may be less
Low difficulty, Spiral, Suitable for adults
Price: 900 ₴

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