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Hands balancer “Flower” 190

An exciting balance simulator high difficulty for children and adults. Who is it suitable for: The toy will be especially useful for primary school students. Regular exercises with simulator for 5-10 minutes a day will give results in 2-3 weeks. The child will read faster, write more carefully, and spend less time for homework. How does it work? The task of maintaining balance stimulates motor, sensory, visual, auditory, tactile functions of the brain. The transfer of information from one part of the brain to another is accelerated, and the concentration of attention becomes higher. The combination of these factors makes it easy to solve intellectual tasks. Adults are recommended to restore the vestibular system and relieve stress.

You can paint
For children from 5 years it is possible and less
Medium - High complexity maze flower. Suitable for adults
Price: 900 ₴

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