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Balance board for feet “Flower” 187

An interesting balance board with a maze in the shape of a flower for children from 3 years and adults. Great for those who do sports, they definitely will like this exercise device. The high amplitude of the ball movement through the maze will require good coordination and speed of reaction. For professional athletes, balance on the board can be a good option as rehabilitation after injury. A neuro-board will help prepare body for sports. Balance exercises also give impetus to the development of intellectual abilities. This is due to the stimulation of the cerebellum. Regular exercises with a balance board improve memory, attention, logical and creative thinking. For adults this balance board will help keep the body in shape while. Especially for those who have sedentary work. Good effect on brain – maintain a stable emotional background with frequent nervous stress. Functionality, aesthetics and originality of the balance board make it a great gift for both children and adults.

The medium complexity of the maze
For children from 3 years
Suitable for adults
Price: 1300 ₴

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