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Wooden Eco-friendly magnetic calendar, puzzle, world map and much more
Fastisi family for your fridge
Authentic and exclusive functional decoration on your fridge, best solution for creating your personal interior
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Get rid of unnecessary magnets and give originality to your kitchen
Calendar, Map and many other:
Decoration to your fridge
Made of Eco materials
Affix your travel photos with magnets
Personalized interior on your kitchen
Easily attaches
Perfect idea for gift
The calendar helps your children to learn time perspective in playful manner. Its easy to show how to plan a week and mark days with special magnets
Your family can plan special life events and remember about important things on time
Original wooden sights will remind you and your family about important events
Use it like a motivator, put your goals on it
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This calendar is an excellent gift for kids and the best time manager for young family
Kids will like to play with magnets and know more about days of the week
Don't worry if kid will take it to the mouth - our calendars and all other production made of eco materials!
Every family in the world trusts us
The calendar set includes:
31 days icons
img 55мм 55мм
7 weekdays icons

On the selection: Ukrainian or English characters, or others

7 "Special event" bages
Date pointer

Fastisi Family products are crafted in a classic style from wood, which shows the maximum structure when treated with oil or stain for wood, creating a uniquely beautiful decoration on your refrigerator!

For whole family

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