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Magnetic calendar-planer for fridge

ЧPerfect gift for whole family! For kids and adults

We have monthly planners in Europe and USA week format! For Europe week starting from Monday and for USA starting from Sunday.

Our calendar-planner is "everlasting" because you can easily erase all written information and write new ones!Turn your refrigerator into a brilliant helper that will help you stay organized and remind you of important things.

Lines Products
Special offer!
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Приклад товару
42 x30 см

Magnetic Calendar

The magnetic calendar-planner will be best as the time manager and entertaining reminder for every family member.

The calendar is very convenient because it is made of high-quality materials and can be used repeatedly, for monthly or weekly planning

30 x20 см

Goal board

Use this vision board to achieve your goals. Challenge yourself, write your goal on it, put the goal in a time frame (when this goal should be achieved), write down your motivation that pushes you to achieve your goal, and write down the result so you can track what goals you have reached, and which is necessary to work on

Setting goals according to the SMART system


Weekly menu planer

Plan a menu for the week, and write your wishes.
Here you can plan breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner
A very useful helper, for you and your family
30 x20 см

The set includes 6 different colors markers and 20 "tasks magnets"

Use it to make notes and visualize task


We used a thick magnetic layer that is firmly "stick" to the refrigerator, non-slip. Our calendar leaves no stains and will always look like the first day after purchase.


We have added stylish magnetic badges and a set of colored markers to our planner, which will lift your mood up for the whole day and add bright colors to your life.


Our product is made of non-toxic materials, so you can be sure that you use a high-quality intelligent product that leaves no stains and is safe for daily use.


The markers stick firmly to the fridge door, opening and closing it, you can not be afraid of losing them.

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